Inez Fressange (イネス・フレサンジュ Inesu Furesanju?) is a supporting character from the Martian Successor Nadesico television series.

Personality & Character

Intelligent, she often appears, almost out of nowhere, to explain to the crew what is happening to them. In essence, she is a walking exposition.


Warning! Spoilers are ahead!


Then known as Ai (アイちゃん?), she was trapped underground with her mother during the First Battle of Mars. She met fellow refugee Akito Tenkawa who gave her an orange. Ai called Akito a nice man and asked if he was married.

Inez helped design the ND-001 Nadesico's propulsion systems based upon an ancient design that had been uncovered on Mars. When the Jovians conquer Mars, she is among the handful of survivors who hide underground. Several years later, the Nadesico penetrates the Jovian defense grid in a rescue mission, but Inez comes aboard to argue that the surviving Martian colonists refuse to leave on the Nadesico because it has no chance of escaping back through the Jovian defense perimeter. Just then, a Jovian counterattack kills all of the survivors, and the Nadesico is forced to make a hasty retreat, ironically with Inez on board. The Nadesico is soon after able to escape Mars by flying through a Jovian "Chulip" warp gate back to Earth's Moon, making Inez the only person to escape alive from Mars after it fell to the Jovians.

She became a resident expert and also commissions the "Naze Nani Nadesico" segments. In the end, she is instrumental to solving Boson Jumping. Nevertheless, her past is a mystery until the end when it is revealed that she was Ai, the little girl who Akito Tenkawa was trying to help back on Mars when the Jovians began their attack before he (and she) Boson Jumped because of his Tulip crystal. However, since Akito was jumping from Mars to the Earth, and Ai had never been to Earth, she got lost and was sent back to the time of the ancient Martian civilization. There, the ancients gave Ai a plate to give to her older self and sent her to the polar ruins so that she would have a chance to see Akito again. Unfortunately, Akito wasn't able to get to her in time and she Boson Jumped again, this time to the Martian Desert approximately 20 years before the series begins. She did, however, allow her older self the chance to remember her past fully.