Leave the Blue Earth to Me

United Earth Spacy Vessels Nadesico-1

(『緑の地球』は任せとけ, “Midori no chikyū” wa makase toke)

Episode Data
Previous To Go Like a Man
Episode Martian Successor Nadesico: #2
Next A Goodbye That Came Too Soon
Japanese October 8, 1996
English February 25, 2003
Leave the Blue Earth to Me (『緑の地球』は任せとけ “Midori no chikyū” wa makase toke?) is the second episode of Martian Successor Nadesico.


Uneasy about the idea of a powerful battleship being in the hands of civilians, the United Earth military sends Admiral Misumaru’s fleet to take control of the Nadesico. Will Yurika be able to protect her ship from her own father? And will Akito ever find out the truth about his parents’ deaths [1]?

The Earth's military has its own plans for the Nadesico [2].


Act One

Admiral Misumaru stands in front of a holographic screen, displaying many identical images of the Nadesico. His colleagues are not happy that Nergal has developed a Civilian Battleshipin times like this, to them it is out of the question to leave such a powerfulship in civilian hands. Images of Yurika appear, some showing her in her captain's uniform and one childhood photo she took with her father in which he makes a victory sign. One of his colleagues knows the captain is Admiral Misumaru's daughter

Act Two




  1. Kouichiro Misumaru


  1. ???
  2. NBS-012 Tobimune
  3. Catamaran-class



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