Megumi Reinard (メグミ・レイナード Megumi Reinādo?) is a supporting that appears in Martian Successor Nadesico. Megumi is a former seiyū who did work for anime and animated commercials before she was recruited by Nergal to be the communications officer aboard the ND-001 Nadesico.

Personality & CharacterEdit

She is cute, perky and blunt at times. Megumi has no love for war and killing in general. This is why she has a lot in common with Akito Tenkawa, who only wants to be a cook, not a pilot.


Megumi trained as a nurse before becoming a voice actress.

She becomes Yurika Misumaru's main competition for Akito's affection, though she is not rekally worried since the captain is oblivious to just about everything. She has even kissed Akito and was the first to officially be classified as his girlfriend, beginning around episode 4.

Megumi isn't one to give up easily and will fight for what she wants against anyone, especially the captain, to keep Akito for herself. She is very passionate, rather forward, and has a tendency to be a bit too playful. She is also not above letting people know how she feels towards certain people, this includes Akito.

One of her main goals in life is to have a boyfriend who is honest, sincere and focused on a goal.


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The character is a reference to the well-known and popular seiyū Megumi Hayashibara.